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Supreme Court & the 1st Amendment: Are Buffer Zones legal?

On Wednesday, January 22,  the United States Supreme Court heard arguments about a 35 foot “Buffer Zone” around a Boston Planned Parenthood Clinic. The lead Plaintiff, Eleanor McCullen, an Operation Rescue Volunteer,  claim the “Buffer Zone violates her First Amendment … Continue reading

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Tom Reed on the Compromise Farm Bill

Rep. Tom Reed voted Wednesday in support of a long-term, five-year Farm Bill to reauthorize farm programs supporting agriculture in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. The bill passed the House Wednesday with strong bipartisan support. What Tom neglects to say … Continue reading

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What’s with RAMI?

In his  State of the Union Address, President Obama said: We also have the chance, right now, to beat other countries in the race for the next wave of high-tech manufacturing jobs.  My administration has launched two hubs for high-tech … Continue reading

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Reed Votes to Continue War on Women

House Republican leaders thought Tuesday, January 28, would be an opportune time to bring to the floor a Tea Party-backed bill that would further complicate the lives of women. With the media focusing on the President’s State of the Union … Continue reading

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NBC/WSJ Poll: Important Issues and the Economy

The President’s State of the Union Address will be given tonight.  The NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, given January 22-25, gives us a snapshot of what we think on a number of issues. I am presenting two questions from that poll … Continue reading

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Farm Bill to Cut Hope of the Poor

The Episcopalians have some moving words in their service of evening prayer. “Let not the needy, O Lord, be forgotten; nor the hope of the poor be taken away.” On Wednesday, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on … Continue reading

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Can you believe it?

Can you believe what the GOP says they would do if they could? Here is a partial list:   Cut Social Security benefits for future retirees. (Tom Reed) Cut Medicare benefits. Repeal Affordable Health Care (Tom Reed) Lower taxes for … Continue reading

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Primary Games

According to CBS News, “Republican leaders, forced to regroup after losing another race for the White House, voted to significantly shortening the lengthy, bruising state-by-state process that will select the party’s presidential nominee for the 2016 election.”  This seems like … Continue reading

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What the SAFE Act “Repealers” Won’t Tell You

This article was written by Leah Gunn Barrett,  executive director of the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence and the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund. I read it in the (Dunkirk) Observer on January 19. The NY SAFE Act, … Continue reading

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How long should we have to wait to vote?

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration recommends citizens should wait no longer than 30 minutes to vote. Many of the conditions that led to hours-long lines on Election Day 2012 were found to be “identifiable and solvable.” Indeed, we know … Continue reading

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