Tea Party Congressman Tom Reed digs in his heels on default.

The following article was provided by the Robertson For Congress campaign.

Robertson calls on Reed to abandon his reckless and irresponsible Tea Party demands that will continue the shutdown and force the federal government to default. 

As more and more Republicans have come forward to negotiate an end to the government shutdown and avert a default that could crash the global economy, Democratic Congressional candidate Martha Robertson called on Congressman Tom Reed to relent on his Tea Party-inspired demands and join moderate Republicans and Democrats who are ready to end the current stalemate that threatens to send the economy into a job-cutting tailspin.

“Congressman Reed has made it clear he will not vote to end the shutdown or avoid default unless his demands are met. That is just plain reckless. Right now, I am calling on Congressman Reed to change his mind, to put his constituents ahead of the Tea Party and join nearly two dozen Republicans in the U.S. House who are willing to vote for a clean federal budget deal that will save jobs and the economy,” said Robertson.

Robertson noted that not only did Congressman Reed vote four times to shutdown the government in an effort to defund or delay Obamacare, and vote 16 times to refuse to reopen government, but he has also repeatedly rejected the efforts of his fellow Republicans in both the Senate and House to avoid a default and reopen government.

“When it comes to avoiding a default that could crash our economy and delay Social Security checks, Congressman Reed has said ‘meet my demands or else’. That’s a disaster for anyone in the Southern Tier who worries about their job, their Social Security check, or their Veterans benefits,” added Robertson.

Robertson noted that 22 House Republicans, including New York GOP members Peter King, Richard Hanna, and Michael Grimm, have made statements on the record supporting a clean budget agreement to end the shutdown and avoid a job-killing default. Combined with 195 Democrats who signed a letter to Speaker John Boehner asking for an up-or-down vote on a clean continuing resolution, that would make 217 votes in favor of a solution to the current mess in Washington.

“I am calling on Congressman Reed to abandon his irresponsible stand and become the deciding vote to end this crisis, and put jobs and Social Security checks before the Tea Party and right wing campaign checks,” concluded Robertson.

Reed Votes 4 times to shutdown government

[HJ RES. 59, Vote #478, 9/20/13; HJ RES. 59, Vote #497, 9/29/13; HJ RES. 59, Vote #498, 9/20/13; HJ Res. 59, Vote #504, 9/30/13]

Reed Voted 16 times to keep the government shut down

and move closer to default


[H Res 370, Vote #509, 10/02/13; HJ Res 70, Vote #512, 10/02/13; HR 3230, Vote #515, 10/03/13; HJ Res 72, Vote #517, 10/03/13; H Res 371, Vote #519, 10/04/13; HJ Res 85, Vote #521, 10/04/13; HJ Res 75, Vote #523, 10/04/13; H J Res 77,  Vote #527, 10/7/13; HJ Res 84, Vote #529, 10/08/13; H Res 373, Vote #531, 10/08/13; HR 3273, Vote #533, 10/08/13; HJ Res 90, Vote #536, 10/09/13; HJ Res 79, Vote #539, 10/10/13; HJ Res 76, Vote #541, 10/11/13; HJ Res 80, Vote #547, 10/14/13; HJ Res 80, Vote #549, 10/14/13]


“If we go into a shutdown, we’ll have to deal with that dynamic.”

– Congressman Tom Reed, Corning Leader, September 30, 2013

“As of Thursday, 19 House Republicans said they would be willing to vote for a government funding bill without the changes to the Affordable Care Act that the Republican majority is demanding. Combined with 200 Democratic votes, that’s enough to get such a bill passed – and to get the government up and running again.

“But Boehner, R-Ohio, and other House GOP leaders – along with Western New York’s Republican members of Congress, Chris Collins and Tom Reed – don’t want that sort of bill to come to the House floor.”

– Buffalo News, October 3, 2013

Republican Rep. Tom Reed said Monday he continues to oppose stopgap legislation to reopen the federal government without any concessions.”

– Elmira Star Gazette, October 15, 2013

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5 Responses to Tea Party Congressman Tom Reed digs in his heels on default.

  1. deb meeker says:

    The statement quoted ““Republican Rep. Tom Reed said Monday he continues to oppose stopgap legislation to reopen the federal government without any concessions.”– Elmira Star Gazette, October 15, 2013” is all I need to know of Tom Reed’s political stance on this grave matter. Tom Reed has proven his Tea Party loyalty, and must be held accountable for his part in the attempted coup of our govenment. Fortunately for him, we live in a civilized country, saving his literal skin, but hopefully not saving him from political rout in 2014.


  2. Barbara Griffin says:

    I am so appalled! He appears to be representing the “Southern States” rather than the “Southern Tier”. I just hope this country can survive until the 2014 elections.


  3. Bob McGILL says:

    I think shutdowns should happen more often. Then maybe, just maybe, the people in Washington will stop wasting so much money. We are ( the USA ) going to go broke sometime in the future anyway, so why not now when there is some hope of recovery. The bigger the hole the harder it will be to climb out.


  4. pystew says:

    The Shutdown WASTED $24 billion!

    The Democrats had their budget finalized in March; the Republicans in April. The Dems asked 8 times to meet to reconcile the budget, the Reps said no 8 times. The Dems had moved their total spending DOWN to very close to that of the Republicans. That was by April. The sequester, which was created because it was so radical that it was thought that no one would want it, is still in the budget. This could have been avoided.

    We didn’t need to go through the nightmare that is being pushed a few months down the calendar. Get ready to close the World War 2 monumnet again. (Remember the GOPers who complained about closing it right after they voted to close it?) People have a three month window to get their cancer treatments and Bob, you hope this happens more often.


  5. Deb Meeker says:

    Perhaps Bob is testing your resolve not to censor. Even totally out of touch people need to vent, and it’s kind of you to Bob give a forum.


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