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Tom Reed’s Platitudes

Tom Reed’s Op-Ed, “The Road Ahead” reads like “Proverbs” — an incoherent concatenation of pithy one-liners.  Here is a selection of them. For decades, our national government has spent much more money than it brings in. (Why then is it … Continue reading

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Let’s Stop the Self-Inflicted Wounds

British scholar Timothy Garton Ash wrote in a recent essay that since 2000, “For any friend of the United States, it has been excruciating to observe this great country inflict such extensive, needless damage on itself.” What damage? The Iraq … Continue reading

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A Political Glossary

Affordable Health Care:   See train wreck. Bipartisan                         At least one Democrat or Republican agrees to cosponsor. Clowns:                     … Continue reading

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Congress–Few Work Days and Little Accompished

On last night’s program on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow pointed out the House of Representatives are scheduled to work 19 more days this calendar year. As usual, her presentation was well researched; she connected many different dots to explain the ramifications … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed Not Accurate on Deficits and Debt

In justifying his October 17 vote to continue the government shutdown and provoke a sovereign debt default by the United States Government, Rep. Reed wrote the following:   “The bill voted on in the House fails to address the very … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed–Stop Being A Flip Flopping Tea Party Puppet–Get A Backbone!

The following article was submitted by New NY 23rd reader, Deb Meeker. September 30, 2013, Rep. Tom Reed said: “Harry Reid and the President saying they won’t negotiate isn’t helpful and is grossly irresponsible when the country is just hours … Continue reading

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In a column that appeared in the Elmira Star-Gazette today, John Stossel  tries to scare us. His column is titled “U.S. is broke, but happy to resume spending.”  Here are some ideas from Stossel’s essay: The U.S. is broke. Compares … Continue reading

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“NYS Farms Tax Cap Should Be Increased!”

The following is a letter written by an tax accountant who works primarily with farmers. He/She does not to have his/her name released. OPEN LETTER TO: Govenor   Andrew Cuomo,  State Senators   Tom O’Mara  and  Michael Nozzolio,   State … Continue reading

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Tom’s Week

What did Tom do this week? According to his web site: Oct 21, 2013 Weekly Media Call Vulcraft Facility Tour Oct 22, 2013 Vote on H.R. 3205 – The Promoting Adoption and Legal Guardianship for Children in Foster Care Act … Continue reading

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Graphic Political Advertising

It is too new to have a name, but we know it when we see it.  It’s those graphic political ads that choke the internet.  Just as a cloud of neutrinos is believed to flow thru the earth, these political … Continue reading

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