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H.R.25 – Fair Tax Act of 2013

H.R. 25 – Fair Tax Act of 2013 The House Ways and Means Committee may soon vote on H.R. 25 “The FairTax Act of 2013.” If approved, it may then go to the House for debate and possibly a vote. … Continue reading

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Congressman Reed Scrambles to Cover His Tracks

Why Congressman Tom Reed’s Political Scheme Won’t Stop the Shutdown He Voted For  Congressman Tom Reed is scrambling to cover his tracks today after he voted for a measure last week that now has the country hurtling toward a government … Continue reading

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Is Speaker Boehner planning a surprise?

Speaker Boehner implies he won’t allow a vote on the Continuing Resolution; that is a surprising position — the Continuting Resolution is his bill.  Boehner may be kidding when he says the House won’t vote. If the House votes and … Continue reading

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