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Is Tom Reed Fighting to Protect Medicare Part D Coverage?

A political advertisement came to me today in the mail from “American Action Network.” It asks: “Why is Congressman Tom Reed Fighting to Protect Medicare Part D Coverage?” The answer given is “because Tom Reed knows that Healthy Seniors, Means … Continue reading

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The Calm Before The Storm #1: The Federal Budget

The House Republicans are getting ready to celebrate their lack of accomplishments as important deadlines are on the calendar for September. They have nine legislative working days before the new fiscal year takes over October 1. In those nine days, … Continue reading

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What Tom hasn’t told us

Tom Reed promised to be honest with his constituents, but is he? Tom explained that nothing untoward happened on the occasion of the seaside dinner in Israel followed by a disorderly swim, but he never explained how it happened. Tom … Continue reading

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What is the 1973 War Powers Act?

The 1973 War Powers Act requires a President to notify Congress within 48 hours of launching military action, limits U.S. armed forces involvement to 60 days without congressional approval, and allows  30 days more for withdrawal.  The law was passed over … Continue reading

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BLOG: More tax questions for Rep. Reed – 13WHAM – Top Stories

13WHAM News dug deeper and found that on April 26, 2012 Congressman Reed paid one of those late tax bills with funds from his campaign account Tom Reed for Congress. That is against the law but a refund was promptly … Continue reading

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Webinar Examines Water Sales to Shale Gas Drilling Companies

This is an annoucement of a webinar on selling water to Shale drilling companies. It will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28, but there is a link to the site, so it can be viewed at your leisure. This information … Continue reading

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The Great Persuasion: Friedrich Hayek and The Mount Pelerin Society

This is a brief account of a book review that appeared in the Aug.  5-12 issue of The Nation. The article is available on-line, but only to subscribers.  This article is worth the price of a subscription or a trip … Continue reading

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Removing the Social Security Tax Cap

Rep. Tom Reed was confronted at his recent Erin Town Hall Meeting (8/17/13) about Social Security. One constituent strongly suggested that the Government should “Remove The Cap!”, referring to the fact that only the first $115,500 (for 2014) of income … Continue reading

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Social Security Works For Everyone!

This personalized summary of the importance of Social Security was presented at Rep. Tom Reed’s Town Hall Meeting on August 17. It was presented  by Ann Sullivan, a New NY 23rd reader.  No Commentary is needed. “I paid into Social … Continue reading

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Magnificent Fractivist Rally In Binghamton

The following a letter from Walter Hang on the anti-fracking rally at President Obama’ visit on  Friday. Thank you all so much for making Friday’s Rally in Binghamton a truly magnificent red letter day in the history of environmental activism.  Wow, … Continue reading

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