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Do Republicans value ignorance?

Republicans have introduced bills in the House to limit the ability of the census to collect demographic data.  One, HR 1078, was introduced in the House by Ted Poe (R-TX) (a companion bill was introduced by Rand Paul (R-KY) in … Continue reading

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Republicans and Reed Should Move Past Benghazi

New NY 23rd doesn’t often delve into foreign policy, but we need to take another look at the Benghazi “scandal.” House Republicans continue to attack the administration over Benghazi, and it often dominates the evening news. Hearing after hearing has … Continue reading

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Is NYC at war with subletters?

Libertarian columnist John Stossel writes that the ability of owners to sublet their homes to transient tenants infringes on a persons right to make a buck however possible.  Stossel might have a point, but his real motivation comes out when … Continue reading

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