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Rep. Reed perfects the Blame Game

Last July Rep. Reed decried the “blame game.”  Since then he has learned to play it rather well himself.  Here is the story in his own words: We Must Be Honest With the American People Jul 5, 2011 “Let’s stop … Continue reading

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Reed Could Help Ease Tax Unfairness

Our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed, holds a seat on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, which plays a key role in drafting the nation’s tax laws. Republicans control the committee, and there are just 22 Republican members, so Reed … Continue reading

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Trans-Alaska Pipeline Good for Caribou Sex Lives

Yes, readers, that’s what passes for wisdom among House Republicans. Today’s New York Times‘ number one most-emailed article, House of Unrepresentatives, is putting a laser focus on just how out of touch the House has become thanks to gerrymandering. Just … Continue reading

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