Saving Social Security

Dear Constituents,

We have come to realize that we are the only one who wants to save Social Security, and we have a plan to do so.  The President has no plan, Democrats have no plan, but we have a practical plan that is clearly in everyone’s best interest.

If we fail to take action, Social Security, like an unprofitable business or shiftless worker, is certain to go broke.  There is no possibility of increased revenue, my fellow Republicans in Congress will block any such proposal, and taxpayers, already overburdened by Democrat taxes, couldn’t bear it.  The additional costs imposed on Social Security by the Democrat “baby boom” and harmful attempts to stimulate economic growth have doomed Social Security as envisioned by the crypto-socialist President FDR and his insubordinate, idealistic wife, Eleanor.

While we are determined to save Social Security for those who have become dependent on it for retirement income, future retirees will not need government retirement benefits. Once business is freed of burdensome taxes and regulations unemployment will disappear and family income will rise.  Even people with little education and no training will find it easy to find high paid work and even to negotiate “golden parachutes.”  Business reinvigorated with relief from the cost of pension plans, Social Security, disability, unemployment and other taxes will pay wages that will allow careful workers to save more than enough to pay for retirement out-of-pocket.

Of course I expect to retain my defined benefit pension plan; considering the travail of serving in Congress, retirement benefits are reasonable.  We couldn’t get qualified persons like myself to serve without them. Defined benefits aren’t that good anyway: they are diminished by inflation while money you invest in the stock market is certain to grow and grow.

What about those who fail to save?  There is a practical answer to that: the high cost of medical care will insure that such persons will have little need for retirement income. America already leads the developed countries in low life expectancy; my plan will increase our lead.

Some may claim that because other developed countries provide pensions for retirees, America should do so as well.  This argument fails to note that these countries have socialist government that burden their citizens with high taxes and limited opportunity for individual success.  These countries, like our country today, are on an unsustainable course.  Only undue influence from greedy labor unions prevents them from dumping the burden of socialism.

I want to reassure seniors currently dependent on government checks that their benefits are not in danger.  They should take heart from the knowledge that once their generation of takers dies, their children and future generations will be free of dependency, that the future for them is bright.  America, freed of the burden of an unsustainable system of retirement pensions, will once again be a freedom loving country with liberty and justice for all.

(signed) Your caring representative.

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2 Responses to Saving Social Security

  1. Deb Meeker says:

    I was sorely tempted to write back to “My caring representative” with the same ironic style, then realized, I’m not no where near that level of brilliance.


  2. whungerford says:

    Deb, thanks for your comment. Tom’s Apr 29, 2013 op ed, “Who Cares About Medicare Solvency? Answer: I Do!,” provided a wealth of material. Here are some examples:
    1. I believe the practical “can do” attitude we all share as New Yorkers will truly provide the practical and common sense answers to this impending crisis.
    2. Medicare will be bankrupt by the time anyone 54-years-old or younger qualifies for the program.
    3. (Medicare) is going bankrupt and the President and Congressional Democrats – who haven’t proposed any solution – do not have a plan to preserve Medicare long-term.
    4. This is why we (Tom Reed) have proposed reforms to Medicare like premium support (privatization) that will ensure Medicare will be stabilized and the rightful promise kept for generations to come.
    5. I participate in such bipartisan groups in Washington as the Go Big Coalition and No Labels Problem Solvers.

    In Tom’s op ed, the word bankrupt occurs six times; crisis occurs three times.

    I think we can see the germ of Tom’s campaign strategy:
    1. Pose as a moderate citing “Go Big” and “No Labels”
    2. Characterize the President and Democrats as uncaring and unreasonable
    3. Court rather than attack the AARP
    4. De-emphasise harping on Obamacare


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