Veterans’ G.I. Bill Funds Frozen, Rep. Reed’s Scrambling to Find Details

frozen-fundsRep. Tom Reed told the Olean Herald Journal, on Monday, March 4—the first working day after the Sequester started, “The sun came up and the planes didn’t fall from the skies.”

Will he stop trying to be cute, stop playing politics, and begin to think what is best for the people of the NY 23rd? Nobody said that the sequester will hit us on Day One. Here it is just around two weeks after the March 1st manufactured Sequester deadline, and some are starting to feel the affect of Congresses inaction.

“Just got a text from my (sophomore in college) daughter.  There has been a freeze placed on her living expense payments by the government for her GIBill payments. Should I contact Tom Reeds office to lodge a compliant?”–found on my facebook  page Friday, 3/8/13.

College students who are receiving eduction benefits from the G.I. Bill have received information that their benefits have been ‘frozen’. Not understanding what that exactly means, many parents, who, as Veterans gave years protecting our country earning the promised benefits that are now ‘frozen’, have been trying to contract their representatives for an explanation.  After unsuccessfully trying to contact two of Rep. Reed’s Offices by phone, this parent emailed his office. They had no answers; they had to   look into it, and get back to them.

These ‘frozen’ benefits should not be a surprise to our Congressman, they were spelled out last year before during the fiscal cliff scare. Rep. Reed voted to delay the sequester affects until March 1st, under the guise of working to break the conflict between the House and the Senate, and find a compromise the President could sign. That’s how the Congress used to work.

The House was scheduled to be working in Washington for only 20 days between January 3 and March 1.  In reality the parties involved had from the Fall of 2011 to work for the American people, including the Veterans who are using their hard earn promised benefits.

Who is our congress working for? Who is our congressman, Rep. Reed working for? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

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4 Responses to Veterans’ G.I. Bill Funds Frozen, Rep. Reed’s Scrambling to Find Details

  1. whungerford says:

    The idea that nothing bad can come of the sequester law because it hasn’t happened yet is a silly argument. Congress is not good at long term planning, but it isn’t hard to forsee the consequences of cutting programs and laying off workers. Rep. Conyers has introduced HR 900 to repeal the sequester law. Conyers is a democrat, so his bill is not likely to come up for a vote.


  2. Anne says:

    It feels a lot like malpractice, doesn’t it, to have a staff who are unable to answer basic questions? Especially as Reed must have been able to anticipate that these things were going to come up, and that there would be people in his district affected, and that those people were sure to be wondering about it.


  3. whungerford says:

    Pushback in support of the sequester law takes several forms:

    1. The idea that if nothing happens at once there is no problem.
    2. The idea that sequestration is only bad because the administration plays politics with cuts.
    3. Sequestration is bad, but it is President Obama’s idea so oh well…

    The sequester law mandates indiscriminate cuts. Republicans have proposed to revise the law to give the administration more discretion at least for military programs, so it is surprising that they would complain about the administration using what little discretion it is allowed. It is astonishing that any would expect the administration to use what discretion it has to cut exactly what Republican extremists in Congress might like.

    I see some hope in complaints that sequestration is President Obama’s idea: perhaps that gives Congress a lifeline, an excuse for repealing it.


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