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Originally posted on Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus:
— Shared from Much has been said over the past few weeks about the budget proposal in the House of Representatives, offered by Rep. Paul Ryan, and backed by Republican members, but…

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The Sequester Silences Ithaca’s Air Control Towers April 7.

After a year and a half of warnings, and being kicked the down the street, the infamous ‘Fiscal Cliff”, aka “The Sequester” took affect on Friday, March 1. The weeks before the event, President Obama made a series of speeches … Continue reading

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Small-business owners often have liberal opinions

An article, “The New (Business) Left,” by William Greider which appeared in the April 8 issue of “The Nation” makes the claim that “small-business owners and entrepreneurs often have distinctly liberal opinions.”  Greider reports that small-business owners often aren’t conservative, … Continue reading

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How the Sequester Works

The Center for American Progress is featuring an excellent article by Scott Lilly on how the sequester must be administered by federal authorities. It refutes the charges being made by Republicans – and by some journalists, who ought to know … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are In A Pickle, Again.

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments on the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal law that denies federal benefits to legally married same sex couples. The conflict is that  DOMA defines that marriage has to be between a … Continue reading

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Ryan, Reed, and Ayn Rand

Congress is enjoying its spring break, but before adjournment, both houses passed their own versions of a budget resolution setting out federal spending plans through the end of 2023. When members of Congress return to Washington, House and Senate leaders … Continue reading

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Cayuga and Dunkirk Power Plants

The Cayuga Power Plant is a small, obsolete coal-fired generating plant on Cayuga Lake. Rep. Reed tells us: “Residents in Tompkins County could be the latest beneficiaries of natural gas development if the Cayuga Power Plant makes a shift from … Continue reading

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