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Rep. Reed’s “State of the Union Follow Up”

In his “State of the Union Follow-Up,” Rep. Reed wrote: “The focus needs to be on growing jobs, not government.” This is a false dichotomy: we need not choose between jobs and government. It is easy to see that money … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With the House?

In a recent post, this blog speculated on how Chinese leaders must be bemused by our country‚Äôs self destructive impulses when it comes to gun violence. But they must really be scratching their heads when they consider the ways in … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Finger Prints Are All Over Sequestration Cuts

The constituents of the New NY 23rd Congressional District need to known how our congressman stands on the March 1 automatic cuts in funding our defense and domestic programs. First we have to remember that Rep. Reed was one of … Continue reading

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