A State of the State No Show

Several members of the New York congressional delegation attended Governor Cuomo’s state of the state address yesterday, but not our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed.  It’s too bad he wasn’t there.  He would have had a valuable opportunity to interact with state leaders.  Moreover, in the governor’s speech, he would have heard much about issues important to his constituents, such as increasing upstate tourism, bolstering education and job training, and responding to the threats posed by global warming.  The governor also spoke eloquently about equal opportunity for women and measures to reduce gun violence.  The congressman has a laser focus on cutting Social Security and Medicare.  He should raise his sights.

-Ray Copson

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4 Responses to A State of the State No Show

  1. William R. Hungerford says:

    Rep. Reed seems out-of-step with NYS politics: he skipped Gov. Cuomo’s meeting on Sandy relief too.


  2. Anne says:

    Did his office give any indication of where he might have been yesterday, or what might have been on his schedule?


  3. akismet-fe575c982e3a4889d6c39754e97037f3 says:

    The House adjourned on January 4 and will not be back until January 14. The schedule posted at reed.house.gov/events shows no scheduled events.


  4. akismet-fe575c982e3a4889d6c39754e97037f3 says:

    This just in from Rep. Reed’s E-Update:

    “Following our official swearing-in ceremony in Washington last week, we were back in the district this week and held two swearing-in ceremonies: one in Chautauqua County and one in Tompkins County. It’s all part of introducing ourselves to the new district and letting people know we’re available.”


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