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Rep. Reed’s Town Hall Meetings, 101

Our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed takes pride holding ‘Town Hall Meetings’ to meet with the people of the New NY 23rd Congressional District. This Saturday, February 2, he will be holding four Town Meetings in four different counties–Chemung, Tioga, Tompkins, and … Continue reading

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Finger Lakes Region Holds Its Own

Over the past few years I have written frequently about the environmental hazards of hydrofracking for natural gas in the Marcellus shale directly below the Finger Lakes watershed. A few weeks ago I sent a letter to Governor Cuomo asking … Continue reading

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Hydrfracking Poll–Help Maryland Stay Frack Free

I received an email plea from a Maryland resident asking for votes in a local newspaper Fracking Poll.  According to an article in the Cumberland Times Union, the same paper running the opinion poll, some state legislators are trying to … Continue reading

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Republicans and Benghazi

According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, 67 percent of Americans have a favorable view of outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while only 19% approve of the way Congress is doing its job.  That may explain why Republican … Continue reading

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Calling Tom Reed! Calling Tom. Reed!

Our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed’s January 7th  press release about his priorities for the New NY 23rd District began by, “Calling accessibility his top priority, Rep. Tom Reed today outlined his goals for the new 23rd District and the 113th Congress.” … Continue reading

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Shinagawa Speaks at Martin Luther King Day Luncheon

He spoke of sequoia trees in California which live for hundreds of years and grow very large, but have shallow roots. “They are able to stand because the roots go out and interconnect with each other.” Nate Shinagawa at the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on SouthernConversations:
Whenever the topic of gun control is broached republicans are always the first to scream Supreme Court! The supreme court interpreted that ” a well-regulated militia” somehow means an individual living in suburbia. When every other argument…

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The ‘Law-Abiding Citizen’

Pete Mitchell of Geneva, New York wrote the following article for his ‘In America’  column which appears in The Finger Lakes Times every other Monday. This article was published on Monday, January 21, 2013. It was posted  with Mr. Mitchell’s … Continue reading

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Already a Lame Duck? Far From It

According to the pundits, President Obama, just re-inaugurated, has only a short time to accomplish anything significant.  “He’s got about six months,” says presidential historian Michael Beschloss. The New York Times editorial page gives the President a little more time: … Continue reading

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House Republican Budget Fantasy

An amusing aspect of the House Republican retreat at Williamsburg last week was the demand that Senators pass a budget in their chamber or face a suspension of pay. The pay threat may well be unconstitutional, but what provokes a … Continue reading

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