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Is Our Congress Willing To Provide Proper Mental Health Funding?

At the Penn Yan Town Hall Meeting the day after the Newtown Killings, our Congressman, Rep. Tom Reed said, “It’s not about the gun, but about the person behind the gun.” If he really believes that, and that our government … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Raise Questions:
Is now the wrong time to address gun control?  Does history tell us that laws formed in response to a particular incident of mass violence tend to be incomplete and address violence through the limited…

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The NRA Response

Originally posted on musingsofanolderman:
About a week ago, the NRA gave their response regarding the massacre of 20 little children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook School, in Newtown, Connecticut. Wayne LaPierre, the organizations leader, said that we should immediately place…

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Deal in the Works? What Kind of Deal?

  As members of the House of Representatives begin a leisurely return to Washington for a Sunday evening session, a deal or a partial deal to avert the fiscal cliff seems possible, but only just.  House Republicans are an intransigent … Continue reading

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